Darius: World’s Tallest Rabbit

Darius is the tallest rabbit in the world. But how did he get there? Edwards has been traveling with the rabbit for years and has made money off of its incredible size. He dresses up for his appearances, too, wearing a red wig, purple gloves, and platform shoes. According to Edwards, the new look cost him $16,000 in plastic surgery costs last year.


Darius: World's Tallest Rabbit
Image source – Google | Image by – boredpanda



Flemish Giants: World’s Tallest Rabbit


Flemish Giants: World's Tallest Rabbit
Image source – Google | Image by – Saleema Lookman, RVT


The Flemish Giant Rabbit is a large breed of rabbit that can reach 30 inches in length. The rabbit is also one of the world’s tallest with a 51-inch height. Despite their size, Flemish Giants are gentle, intelligent, and highly trainable. They also retain many of the characteristics of their wild relatives, including large ears and clear eyesight. These giant rabbits come in a variety of colors, but typically have a reddish-sandy coat and a brown eye.

Giant Chinchillas: World’s Tallest Rabbit


Giant Chinchillas: World's Tallest Rabbit
Image source – Google | Image by – rabbitbreeders


Giant Chinchillas are a large breed of rabbit that originated in the United States, weigh from 12 to 15 pounds for mature bucks and does. They are docile animals that are renowned for being excellent mothers and are frequently grown for their meat. They also produce huge litters.

Giant Papillons


Giant Papillons - Checkered Giants
Image source – Google | Image by – funpoultry


Giant Papillons, also known as Checkered Giants, are about five to six kilos. They were first created by the breeding of spotted and Flemish rabbits. They have a soft white coat and straight black ears. This breed is very active and needs lots of exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Continental Giants


Continental Giants
Image source – Google | Image by – Nicole Cosgrove


The continental giant rabbit breed is distinguished by an arch in its back, which begins at the shoulders and extends down to the base of its tail. It is also noted for having long, erect ears. Its fur is dense, glossy, and comes in a wide variety of colors. This breed is very easy-going and can make wonderful pets. Its life expectancy is about five years.

World’s tallest rabbit hatch


World's tallest rabbit hatch
Image source – Google | Image by – wayfair


A strong wood frame with four strong legs supports the tallest rabbit hatch in the world. It is set on locking caster wheels and can be used both indoors and outdoors. There is a pull-out tray for cleaning on each of its three levels. Additionally, a metal hay feeder and chew toy are included.

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