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World's Tallest Monkeys

World’s Tallest Monkeys


The Himalayan gorilla

Height:    4 – 6.2 ft Weight:    100 – 270 kg


The Himalayan gorilla - World's Tallest Monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – worldwildlife


Colo: World’s Tallest Monkeys

Height:    4 ft Weight:    70 pounds


The black snub-nosed Colo monkey is the World’s tallest monkey, hence native to the coniferous forests of China and southern Africa. It can reach heights of over four feet and weigh over 70 pounds. Its distinct coloration makes it easy to identify from other monkeys.


Colo: World's Tallest Monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – wikipedia


Japanese macaques: World’s Tallest Monkeys

Height: (Male: 1.8 ft), (Female: 1.7 ft) Weight: (Male: 11.3 kg), (Female: 8.4 kg)


The Japanese macaque is a large and beautiful species native to Japan. Its appearance and behavior have been featured in Japanese art and folklore. It is also mentioned in the traditional “three wise monkeys” proverb, which warns us to steer clear of evil. However, the population of Japanese macaques is under threat due to changes in their natural habitat and human activities. As a result, they are confined to coastal areas of the islands.


Japanese macaques: World's Tallest Monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – C.W. NICOL


Mandrills: World’s Tallest Monkeys

Height: (male 1.8 ft – 2.1 ft), (Female: 1.47 ft – 1.64 ft)  
Weight: (male 19 kg- 37 kg), (female 10 kg – 15 kg)


Mandrills are diurnal primates that spend the day foraging in forests and spend their nighttimes seeking shelter in trees. They also communicate using scent marks, vocalizations, and body language. Mandrills also have enormous canine teeth, which grow over two inches long. Male mandrills have one pair of mammary glands on their chests.

Mandrills: World's Tallest Monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – aboutanimals


Pygmy marmosets

Height:    13 cm, 0.42 ft Weight:    85 – 140 grams


Pygmy marmosets are among the world’s tallest monkeys probably found in the Amazon and India. They are capable of leaping up to five meters and have a unique locomotion that resembles squirrels. They also turn their heads 180 degrees and can scan their environment for predators.

Pygmy marmosets
Image source – Google | Image by – adelaidezoo


Patas monkeys

Height:    2 ft – 2.8 ft Weight:    (male 12.4 kg),    (female 6.5 kg)


Patas monkeys are known for their height and size. They live in groups of several males and females. Males are approximately 3.5 times larger than females. They are approximately 19 inches tall at the shoulders and are around 18 inches long from the shoulders to the tip of their tail. They usually weigh between 14 and 27.5 pounds, and their lifespan is about twenty years in the wild and twenty-five years in captivity.


Patas monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica


Howler monkeys

Height:    22 – 36 inches Weight:    (male 14.8 kg),    (female 7.3 kg)


You may have heard about howler monkeys in the past, but what do you really know about them? This study looks at the evolutionary origins of the howler monkey. The evolution of this species has led to the evolution of large gonads that produce more sperm, along with a large vocal-tract hyoid bone that creates an aggressive, deep call, allowing them to scare off competition and attract females. Researchers used 3-D laser scans to determine the volumes of the hyoid bones in two adult male howler monkeys. They then confirmed their findings by studying CT and MRI images of both howler monkeys.


Howler monkeys
Image source – Google | Image by – factanimal


Saki monkeys

Height:    30 to 50 cm Weight:    2 kg


The Saki monkey is the tallest monkey in the world, standing about two meters above the ground. Its natural habitat is dense rainforests in Brazil and South America. These creatures are active and love to climb and jump from tree branches. They remain in the canopy for most of their lives.


Image source – Google | Image by – animalcorner


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