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tallest lizard dragon

World’s Tallest Monitor Lizard

Tallest Monitor Lizard

World’s Tallest Monitor Lizard: The Komodo dragon is the smallest Monitor lizard species, and Megalania is the largest. The size difference between the two species is extreme. If adults of a species were the same height and weight, one adult human would weigh around 2.5 tons! In the wild, hatchling monitors live in trees to avoid predators, while adults can be either semi-aquatic or terrestrial.


Komodo dragon

Image source – Google | Image by – Megan Shersby

Mexican beaded lizard: World’s Tallest Monitor Lizard


Mexican beaded lizard: World's Tallest Monitor Lizard

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The World Wildlife Fund considers the Mexican beaded lizard, the tallest monitor lizard in the world, to be a protected species. Its bite is very painful. It has two fangs that deliver venom through grooves in its lower jaw. The bite elicits swelling, sweating, and vomiting. Hence, people are advised to seek medical assistance if they are bitten, even though bites seldom result in death. The venom contains a number of harmful chemicals.

The Mexican beaded lizard is native to Mexico and southern Guatemala. The drainage regions of the Pacific and Atlantic contain it. Most of the time, the Mexican beaded lizard lives in burrows and only emerges at night to feed. Its habitats include moist deciduous forests and areas of low elevation.

Komodo dragon: World’s Tallest Monitor Lizard


Komodo dragon: World's Tallest Monitor Lizard

Image source – Google | Image by – naturerules1


The Komodo dragon, the tallest monitor lizard in the world, has only a few things in common with humans. It has a lizard-like head and tail; its paws resemble those of an alligator, and its long, pointed teeth are like a pair of scissors. It also grows to more than three meters long and weighs up to 160 kilograms. Scientists first discovered Komodo Island in 1912.

The Komodo dragon has a keen sense of smell and is able to detect carrion up to a mile away. Its 60 regularly updated razor-sharp teeth are housed in its large mouth, and its long, forked tongue is used for chemoreception. Its cranium contains strong, adaptable maxillary bones.

Rio Fuerte beaded lizard


Rio Fuerte beaded lizard

Image source – Google | Image by – Andrew DuBois


The Rio Fuerte beaded lizard is the world’s tallest monitor lizard, standing almost three meters (ten feet) tall. Its tail is nearly 210% of its snout-to-vent length, and it weighs between five and six kilograms (22 pounds).

The Rio Fuerte beaded lizar is a venomous lizard, and is the tallest monitor lizard. Its SVL can reach 47 centimetres. Its body weight is around two kilograms and four kilograms. It lives in the forests and arid regions of Mexico and Central America.

Northern Sierra Madre forest monitor lizard


Northern Sierra Madre forest monitor lizard

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The Northern Sierra Madre forest monitor lizard is a species of arboreal monitor lizard that has only been discovered in the Philippines. There are only three kinds of gigantic monitor lizards in the world, and this one is one of them. Deforestation, logging, hunting, and the pet trade are all threats to this species.

The Northern Sierra Madre forest monitor lizard measures over two meters in length and is very colorful. It eats fruit and snails and spends most of its time in trees.

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