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World’s Tallest Crocodile


World’s Tallest Crocodile: If you’re wondering whether Cassius, Yai, Gustave, Gomek, or Gustave is the World’s Tallest Crocodile, then you’ve come to the right place. While we can’t be certain of the exact TL, we can guess based on skull figures and measurements.

Cassius: World’s Tallest Crocodile


Cassius: World's Tallest Crocodile
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The 18-foot-tall Cassius measures over 2,200 pounds and is about 110 years old. He was captured in the Philippines and transferred to a crocodile park in Australia. Now, he lives a tranquil life, eating delicious food. Although he was nearly killed in the Philippines, he is well taken care of at the zoo.

Cassius is a specimen of the Nile crocodile, which reaches an average height of 11 to 16 feet. The largest Nile specimens reach over 18 feet. There are records of specimens over 20 feet, none have been found in recent decades. Despite the size of Cassius, the tallest Nile crocodile is Gustave, a giant that lives near the shores of Lake Tanganyika.



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Gustave is a big, powerful beast that has been terrorizing villagers in Lake Tanganyika since 1987. The giant crocodile is about 60 years old, nearly nine meters long, and weighs a ton. He would be a formidable predator because his fangs have not yet fully developed.

There are only a few hundred of these animals in the world. These crocodilians are more than just large reptiles, but also very complex animals. While Gustave has been captured, it is estimated to develop to 5.5-6 meters long, and weigh up to hundred kilograms. This would make him much larger than the average Nile crocodile, which is about 550 kilograms long.

Gustave is a large male Nile crocodile

Gustave is a huge male Nile crocodile from Burundi. He is notorious for attacking people on Lake Tanganyika and the Ruzizi River.

According to reports, this crocodile is almost a century old and still has all of its teeth. Locals fear Gustave, as he is so large and powerful. Scientists have claimed that his size and weight prevent him from hunting smaller prey, forcing him to attack larger animals. He has attacked large wildebeest and hippopotamus. Some say he leaves their corpses unattended.



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A 7-meter-tall, 27-foot-long saltwater crocodile was killed in the Philippines in 1883. Its estimated weight was two tonnes. It was known as Krys.

Gomek, which weighed about 2,000 pounds, was nearly 18 feet long and weighed almost two thousand pounds. The crocodile was a champion crocodile of its time. Arthur Jones, an American, was the one who took it. The man was an avid animal fanatic and had collected scores of adult crocodiles and a herd of 20 African elephants in Florida.

Yai: World’s Tallest Crocodile

Yai is the world’s tallest and largest captive crocodile. It weighs 2,456 pounds and measures over 19 feet (6 meters) long. The reptile named after the Thai word that means “big,” “yai”. In Thailand, around 500 people gathered to watch the reptile eat ducks, chickens, and sharks as it celebrated its birthday. The croc received his meal from trained chimps at the celebration, and guests sang “happy birthday” to the ravenous creature.

The crocodile’s skull measures five feet long, and its teeth are stocky. It would probably eat 88 pounds of food per day, according to estimates. It was also one of the largest reptiles to survive the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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