Zeus: Tallest Otter

Zeus is the tallest otter in the world, with a height of 8.5 feet, friendly and cuddly, but he also enjoys the company of people. He shares his home with his feline sister, Penelope. Although they do not fight, they do have a mutual agreement to stay away from each other. Although Zeus behaves properly most of the time, his enormous stature makes him prone to accidents.

Giant River Otter


Giant otter
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Giant River Otters live in groups of three to ten members and are very social animals. They are also territorial and can cover 12 km2 (4.6 mi2) of territory. Giant River Otters feed primarily on crustaceans and sometimes catch anacondas.

Largest otter


Largest otter
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Giant otters are large, noisy mammals that spend their days in the water. They are well known for their vocal repertoire and feature torpedo-shaped bodies, webbed feet, and long, flat tails wrapped in dense fur. They have a range of sounds, from hums to coos. The males are usually absent while the females tend the young.

Longest otter


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The giant otter is the world’s longest otter, measuring more than 6 feet long (1.8 meters). The male giant otter can weigh up to 76 pounds (34 kilograms). Female giant otters weigh between 57 and 60 pounds (25 and 27 kilograms). The giant otter has a thick, velvety coat that repels water. It has a characteristic white patch on its throat.

7 fascinating facts about giant otters

Most social otter: Tallest Otter


 social otter
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The most social otter is a smooth-coated species living in the Indian rivers. These otters form family groups up to 17 members strong. They are well known for creating sizable social groups and enjoying playing.

Habitat destruction: Tallest Otter

Habitat destruction is one of the main concerns facing the giant otters. They formerly lived in isolated watersheds, but today their habitat is under jeopardy. Their southern distribution has shrunk significantly, and the rest of their range is suffering from habitat loss. This is a major problem, and they should be listed as endangered in the IUCN Red Data Book.

Threats to giant otter: Tallest Otter


Threats to giant otter
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The primary threat to giant otters is habitat destruction. Human activities, such as logging, deforestation, and pollution, are degrading their habitats. This is causing giant otter home ranges to become increasingly isolated, making it harder for the subadults to form family groups. Other threats to giant otters include unsustainable mahogany logging and mercury contamination, a byproduct of gold mining.

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