The Tallest Couples

The Tallest Couples: Sun Mingming and Xu Yan are the world’s tallest couple, each standing 4 meters 9 centimeters. Anna Haining Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates are also on the list. However, they are not the tallest. That honor goes to Sun Mingming and Xu Yan of China.

Sun Mingming and Xu Yan

Combine Height: 13 ft 10.72 in
Sun Mingming Height: 2.36 m, 7.7 feet
Xu Yan Height: 1.88 m, 6 feet 2 inches

Xu Yan and Sun Mingming are the tallest couple in the world. Hence, Both are over six feet tall. The couple are also active in sports. Although, Sun is a basketball player and his wife is a handball player.

The Tallest Couples, Sun Mingming and Xu Yan

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They are also the tallest married couple. Their combined height is 13 feet eleven inches. The couple, who married in 2013, met at the National Games of China in 2009. They were married in 2013 in Beijing.

Wilco Van Kleef Bolton: The Tallest Couples

Combine Height: 4.047 m, 13.27 feet
Wilco Height: (6 ft 11 in)
Keisha Height: (6 ft 5 in)

Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton and his wife Keisha are the tallest married couple in the world. Together they are 13ft, and both have large, thick bodies. However, Wilco wears no high heels, and his wife rarely wears dresses. Although many people would say that Wilco and Keisha should have married other people, they decided to remain married because they love each other.

Wilco Van Kleef Bolton: The Tallest Couples

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Furthermore, The van Kleef-Boltons are the tallest married couple in the world, according to Guinness World Records. They were once the tallest married couple in Essex, England. Since their marriage, they have held the title of tallest married couple in the world.

Anna Haining Swan

Height: 7 ft 11 inches (2.41 m)

Anna Haining Swan was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1846. Although, She was the third of thirteen children. At age five, she was over four feet and half inches tall. By the time she reached puberty, she was over seven feet tall. By the time she was sixteen, she weighed 200 pounds and measured seven feet, eleven inches.

Anna Haining Swan

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Anna Haining Swan was seven feet 11 inches tall when she met Martin Van Buren Bates. However, Their marriage was announced as a shipboard romance. Hence, They married in 1871 and were crowned the Tallest Couple in the World.

Martin Van Buren Bates: The Tallest Couples

Height: 7 feet 9 in (2.36 m)

Anna Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates are the tallest married couple in history. The former was 7 feet and 11 inches tall while the latter was 7 feet and 9 inches tall. Although, Anna and Martin were married in 1871 in London. However, Together they had the world’s tallest newborn.

Martin Van Buren Bates

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Hence, after the couple had married, Anna Bates returned to her farm in Seville, Ohio. She died on August 5, 1888. Martin Bates ordered a statue of her from Europe for her grave. The couple then moved into a 130-acre farm, where the former became a farmer. Moreover, Their house was constructed with 14-foot ceilings and doors 8 feet tall. Their furniture was also specially made for them.

Yao Defen

Height: 7 feet 7.85 in (233.30 cm)

The tallest couple in the world is an unlikely pair. Yao Defen is 2.33 meters tall and wears size 57 shoes, but she couldn’t find a pair in China. So she turned to a German cobbler, Georg Wessels, who had been making shoes for people with unusually large feet for over 25 years. In 2006, Wessels packed two pairs of shoes and sandals for Yao Defen.

The Tallest couples-Yao Defen

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Furthermore, Yao Defen is Chinese, and her height is a product of a childhood tumor on the pituitary gland. When she was 11 years old, she was already taller than most of her peers. In spite of her condition, Yao decided to make the disease work for her. She agreed to have an operation to remove the tumor, but it didn’t stop her growth, and she was able to grow to her current height.

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