City Centre Dhaka: The Tallest Building in Bangladesh

Height: 171 m, (561.024 ft)

The Tallest Building in Bangladesh: City Centre Dhaka is the tallest building in Bangladesh, rising 171 m above the city of Dhaka. Now the highest building in the region, the building completes in 2012 and is located in the heart of Motijheel. The city of Dhaka constructed the structure in an effort to draw in foreign investors and the Bangladeshi business community. It is also one of the tallest buildings in Asia.


City Centre Dhaka: The Tallest Building in Bangladesh

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The building is a complex of 37 stories and is located in Dhaka’s oldest financial and administrative district, Motijheel. The building compose primarily of office space, as well as a convention center, recreation center, and a large atrium. In addition, the building is home to a helipad, use for filming many advertisements.

Dhaka City: The Tallest Building in Bangladesh

There is a rich culinary history in Dhaka. It is also known for its rickshaws, biryani, and art festivals, as well as for its many different religious practices. In the ancient city, 2000 structures from the Mughal and British eras are available here.

Fazlur Rahman was born in a middle class family and grew up in the village of Bhandarikandi in Faridpur district. His father was a math teacher and later the principal of Jagannath College in Dhaka. His hard work and dedication have helped him achieve great heights in his field. He had never seen a skyscraper until he was twenty-one, when the tallest buildings in Dhaka were only three or four stories high.


City Centre Dhaka

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The building has 37 floors, with ten floors dedicated to parking. It will also include a convention center and a recreation center. The building will have an atrium which will be landscaped.

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