Andre the Giant

Tallest WWE Wrestlers: During the early days of the WWE, Andre the Giant towered over his competition. He was a 7 footer and held the WWE World Championship thrice. Eventually, he was able to get rid of The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble PPV. He is considered one of the best WWE wrestlers of all time.

Height: 2.24 m, (7 feet 3 inches)


Andre the Giant

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Paulo Cesar da Silva

Another giant in WWE history is Paulo Cesar da Silva, also known as Giant Silva. He was part of the Oddities faction, and was a resident muscle for the group. His height made him a great wrestler, as he could dominate most of his opponents. He topped Kurrgan by a few inches. However, he was mostly seen in losing handicap matches.

Height: 2.18 m, (7 feet 1.5 inches)


Giant Silva

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Great Khali

Another one of the tallest WWE wrestlers is the Great Khali, a large athlete from India, stands at 7 feet and 1 inch, has had several matches with The Undertaker. He left him unconscious with one chop. He also fought Sid Vicious.

Height: 2.16 m, (7 feet 1 inches)


Great Khali

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Omos: Tallest WWE Wrestlers

Omos is a Nigerian athlete. He began his career as a basketball player. After a few months of training, he became a wrestler. Worked as a powerhouse for several months in the WWE Performance Center. He is now a member of Retribution. He is the tallest wrestler in the company, also works as a wrestler for Akira Tozawa’s Ninja group.

Height: 2.21 m, (7 feet 2.5 inches)


Omos: Tallest WWE Wrestlers

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There are several other tall WWE wrestlers, but these are the biggest. They can do things that men their size should not be able to do, can brawl, do incredible moves, and dominate their opponents, also some of the most popular superstars in the WWE.

Other tall wrestlers include Juan Gonzalez, The Great Khali, and The Undertaker. These men all had amazing careers. They also have the most notable finishes in WWE history. Among the best finishes in WWE history are Andre the Giant’s finisher, which was filmed, and his one chop that left the Undertaker unconscious. The Undertaker was 6 feet 10 inches tall. Nevertheless, he was still the tallest wrestler in WWE history.

Giant Gonzales: Tallest WWE Wrestlers

El Gigante is another name for Giant Gonzales. Billed as being over 8 feet tall, but he was actually 7 feet and 7 inches, a former basketball player who had a very good run with Harvey Wippleman as his manager. He entered the main event scene in the early 1990s, also a member of The Oddities and the Jackyl. He worked with most of the biggest stars in WWE.

Height: 2.31 m, (7 feet 5 inches)


Giant Gonzales: Tallest WWE Wrestlers

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Won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Hence a three-time Golden Gloves champion, also competed in the UFC. Although lost six matches. Won the Money in the Bank tournament, and he is currently a WWE Superstar, also competed in a number of other ring names.

While many WWE wrestlers are tall, some are small. Others are average. They may rank among the most well-liked WWE wrestlers, depending on their particular reputation.

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