Xishun Bao

Tallest Person: Xishun Bao is the talltest person in the world, but he has just become a father. Only two inches separate his baby, who was born last week, from the Chinese record for birth length that was established in 2017. His son is only 22 inches tall. On September 17, the ninth edition of Guinness World Records will be published, and it will include the record.


Xishun Bao is the talltest person in the world

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Xishun Bao was born in Inner Mongolia, China. His height of seven feet, 8.95 inches was recently determine by Chifeng City Hospital. But a year later, Leonid Stadnyk, who is eight feet, 5.5 inches taller, beat him to the record. Bao Xishun has had rheumatism his entire life, to be a result of his propensity for sleeping outside.

Sultan Kosen: Tallest Person

The tallest person alive is a farmer from Turkey named Sultan Kosen. He is a member of the Kurdish ethnicity and currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest living male. He is also the seventh tallest person in history. His accomplishments have earned him numerous honors, including being named the world’s tallest farmer.

Despite his imposing height, Kosen is often in a state of discomfort because of his disproportionate height. In 2013, he married Merve Dibo, a 5-foot-9 Syrian woman. However, he couldn’t communicate with her because she spoke Arabic while he speaks Turkish. Since the couple got divorced, Kosen is back on the Russian dating scene, but hasn’t found a new wife yet.

Robert Wadlow: Tallest Person


Robert Wadlow: Tallest Person
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At the age of eight, Robert Wadlow was already eight feet tall. He towered over his four younger siblings, even lifting his father up the stairs at their home. Although his unusual height was the cause of some medical problems, he tried to join the activities of his peers. He even became a Boy Scout at the age of 13.

Wadlow was so tall that he was photographed with his family in 1935. In addition, he posed for a picture with the “Sons of the Pioneers” at the Texas Centennial in 1936. He was a size 36 and weighed 480 pounds.

Trijntje Keever:


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Trijntje Keever, a Dutch girl, is the tallest person ever . She was born with gigantism, a rare genetic disorder that causes overproduction of growth hormones in the body. When she was nine, she was already six feet seven inches tall. At that time, she was able to dunk over most of the NBA. She and her parents traveled to different fairs, where she entertained crowds.

Trijntje Keever was born in Edam, The Netherlands, on 10 April 1616. She was known as “De Groote Meid” (the Big Girl) and died at age seventeen. She was so tall that she was often visited by royalty and other notable people.

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