Tallest Heels

six to nine centimeters, Tallest heels in the world: When Lady Gaga stepped out of an airport in Chiba, Japan in May 2012, various fashion publications were horrified by the platform boots she was sporting, labelling them “the tallest heels ever” and the “world’s highest heels.”


tallest heels in the world

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Tallest Heels in the World: There are many types of high heels. There are those that are six to nine centimeters and those that are 10 centimeters or higher. However, medical professionals scorn the practice of wearing high heels, claiming they can lead to varicose veins, osteoporosis, and thrombophlebitis.

potential dangers of high heels

If it comes to beauty, woman make some sacrifices in order to get that look.

Cost: Tallest Heels in the World

These high heels can cost upwards of $1,000 and can be incredibly expensive. However, if you can afford the price tag, these shoes are certainly worth your money. Many of them are limited editions, and handmade with great care. If you’re looking for the tallest heels in the world, you can try Parmars, a British brand that produces shoes with an average height of 23 cm. Even though Parmars’ footwear isn’t exactly inexpensive, the Sky Heel line is competitively priced and is available for less than $100.


Until recently, the world’s tallest heels were a mere 10 centimeters. However, some designers, including Mihai Albu, have managed to surpass the 10-centimeter limit with a shoe that is 30 centimeters high. However, it is difficult to find women who wear shoes this high, so you can expect that the price tag may be a little high.

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