Tallest Buildings in Russia: If you’re looking for the tallest buildings in Russia, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the tallest buildings in the country, complete with all of their architectural details, including antenna spires. This list includes the Lakhta Center, which was once the tallest building in Europe.

Lakhta Center

Height: 462 m

The Lakhta Center is one of the tallest buildings in Russia. The building will reach a height of 462 meters and will be visible from the sea. It will house office space and social infrastructure. The tower will also have a panoramic viewing platform. Moreover, High-speed elevators will carry visitors to the observation deck. Hence, It is expected that the tower will become a popular tourist attraction.


Furthermore, Construction of the Lakhta Center began on 30 October 2012 and was completed on 29 January 2018. It has the distinction of being the tallest building in Europe and Russia. It is part of a large mixed-use development in the city. Its main contractor is Ronesans Holding.

Evolution Tower: Tallest Buildings in Russia

Height: 220 m

The Evolution Tower is one of the tallest buildings ever built in Russia. Moreover, Its facade is made from single-chamber cold-formed double-glazed windows and SunGuard High Performance mirror glass. The glass surface area is 60 000 m2. Moreover, Its unique design allows it to appear as if it is upside down. Hence, This effect creates a visual illusion and makes the entire building look like an upside-down panorama of Moscow. Moreover, This design was recognized as one of the world’s most innovative glass projects in 2015.


Moreover, The Evolution Tower is located in Moscow’s Presnensky district. Its 220 -meter-tall design is inspired by the DNA molecule. Although, This design, which mimics the double-helix structure of DNA, is symbolic of the convergence of individuals, families, and generations.

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

Height: 176 m

The Kotelnicheskaya Embankement Building is 176 meters high. It was designed by Dmitry Chechulin, Also, a prominent architect of the time. Furthermore, The building was constructed between 1947 and 1952 and sits on the Moskva River near the confluence of the Yauza River. Today, it houses offices and apartments.

Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

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The Kotelnicheskaya Embankement Building is home to more than 500 luxury apartments. There are also shops and cinemas inside. Hence, One of the buildings’ famous tenants was the famous dancer G.S. Ulanova, who lived in the building after 1986. The building also houses other famous tenants, including the writer K.G. Paustovsky and the actress F. Ranevskaya. So, The building is located within walking distance of the Kremlin.

Kotelnikheskaya Embankment Building: Tallest Buildings in Russia

Furthermore, The Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building is a Stalinist skyscraper that stands at 176 meters (577 ft). Designed by Dmitry Chechulin, Although, the building was constructed in 1947-52. Hence, It is the tallest building in Russia and has 32 floors. Although, It is the tallest building in Eastern Europe.

The Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building is one of the most important projects of Stalin’s post-war leadership. Although, Stalin announced the building project in 1947 as part of a publicity campaign and an attempt to compete with the United States as a cultural world power. mThe goal of the building was to be the tallest and most central skyscraper in the world.

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