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Tallest Buildings in Croatia

The OIV Tower Sljeme:

Height: 169 metres

Tallest Buildings in Croatia: If you’re looking for a new tall building to visit, look no further than Croatia. A 169-meter-tall reinforced concrete TV tower, the OIV Tower Sljeme. The Sljeme peak of the Medvednica mountain, which soars to a height of 1035 meters, is where it is located.

Even from a distance, when entering Zagreb by car, one can see the tower with the antenna sticking out of the top. Transmission of television and radio signals—which are currently enhanced by OIV’s services—is its main duty. At 1,301 metres above sea level, Medvednica’s highest point, it is built of iron and reinforced concrete. Initially, the Sljeme Tower broadcast three radio stations—Radio Sljeme, Radio Zagreb 1 and 2, and TVZ1 and TVZ2—and two television channels.


The OIV Tower Sljeme: Tallest Buildings in Croatia

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Tallest Buildings in Croatia: This structure completed in 1958, and is the tallest building in Zagreb. In addition to its height, it has the distinction of being the tallest structure in Croatia. The list covers authorised buildings Moreover, it includes buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Zagreb.

Split is Croatia’s second largest city. In addition to the city center, the town of Split is home to the tallest skyscraper in the country, the Westgate Tower B. This building stands at a height of 135 meters. Eventually, a 150-meter crane will take it apart.

The tallest building in Zagreb is the Hotel Panorama. It is also the oldest building on the list. It is located behind Dom Sportova. Another building in Zagreb is the residential building at Prisavlje 10. It is part of a complex that includes four residential skyscrapers.

Although Zagreb is not known for having a skyline full of skyscrapers, the Upper Town and Downtown still have their original charm. The city’s tallest buildings include the Cathedral, two residential buildings, and one hotel.


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