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Tallest Building in Austria

Donau City Towers

Tallest Building in Austria: The Donau City Towers are among the most modern buildings in Vienna and will soon be the Tallest Building in Austria. Designed by the French architect Dominique Perrault, the DC Tower 1 opened on February 26th 2014. The structure has achieved platinum rating in the quality category because to its energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design.


Donau City Towers

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The DC Tower 1, measuring 250 metres from its base to the antenna. Located in Donaustadt, the tower is a prominent landmark in the Vienna skyline. The French architect Dominique Perrault, who also created the French National Library, was responsible for its design. The building has 60 levels, containing shops, lofts, offices and a sky bar.

The DC TOWER 1 in Vienna is the tallest building in Austria. It is 60 stories tall with a characteristic “crystal facade.” Dominique Perrault designed the building with a combination of green construction practices and aesthetics. The 60-storey, 250,000-ton tower is a challenge for people to climb. The building’s structure is strengthened with the highest density of reinforcing steel. During construction, 18,000 tons of steel were used.

Danube Tower: Tallest Building in Austria

The Danube Tower is the 59th tallest building in the world. Hence its observation deck can give you panoramic views of the area and the Danube. You can also ride a high-speed elevator to the observation deck for panoramic views. The Danube Tower has a glass facade, making it a unique architectural masterpiece.


Danube Tower: Tallest Building in Austria

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The Danube Tower is a famous landmark in Vienna, a technical marvel, and a chic homage to the 1960s. You may also reach the observation platform, which is 150 meters in the air and offers a breathtaking 360-degree view, by using the rapid lift. Because of this, the Danube Tower is a well-liked location and the ideal place to begin exploring the city. A trip to the Danube Tower is highly recommended because it can be seen from a distance and urges visitors to discover its secrets. It is located in the Danube Park, one of the largest and most gorgeous parks in the city.


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