Philippine Eagle

Height: 3 ft


World Tallest Eagle: The Philippine Eagle is the world’s tallest eagle, but there are other large eagles on the planet. These include Stellar’s Sea Eagle and Haast’s Eagle. These majestic birds can reach up to seven metres in height. They are also a symbol of freedom, strength, courage, and immortality.

The Philippine Eagle is the world’s tallest eagle, measuring more than 7 feet wingspan. Its feathers, which are white and brown, resemble the mane of a lion. Its talons are deadly, and its flight is similar to that of a hawk. The Philippine Eagle is the national bird of the Philippines.


Philippine Eagle: World Tallest Eagle

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The Philippine Eagle is critically endangered. It is frequently caught in traps and snares meant for other raptors, such as wild pigs. Also known as the Monkey-Eating Eagle, it preys on a variety of other animals. Its diet includes large snakes, monkeys, flying squirrels, macaques, and other birds of prey. In some parts of the world, it has even been known to prey on young pigs.

The Philippine eagle is a large bird of prey. Its wingspan ranges from 86 to 102 centimeters (3.2 to 3 feet). This makes it the tallest eagle in the world. It also has the largest wingspan of any extant eagle species.


Stellar’s Sea Eagle: World Tallest Eagle

Height: 3 ft


The Stellar’s Sea Eagle is one of the world’s largest birds. Its massive wingspan and powerful legs make it capable of catching large prey. Its wing span is up to eight feet, and its talons are long enough to grasp live fish.


Stellar's Sea Eagle: World Tallest Eagle

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The Steller’s Sea Eagle is a magnificent bird of prey that is resident along the northeast coast of Asia. It can reach a height of almost two metres and weighs anywhere from five to nine kilograms. This makes it the world’s tallest and heaviest eagle. Its name derives from a German naturalist, Georg Wilhelm Steller, and it is also referred to as the Pacific Sea Eagle, White-shouldered Eagle, and Pacific Eagle.

The Steller’s Sea Eagle is a giant raptor that is native to Asia, China, Korea, and eastern Russia. Its wingspan is around eight feet, and its body length is nearly one metre. The bird is known for its incredible size and has a total population of 4,000. The Steller’s Sea Eagle is rare in its native habitat.


Haast’s Eagle

Height: 2 ft 11 inch


A Maori legend describes an eagle that was the largest in the world. The name of this bird was Pouakai or Te Hokioi. The early inhabitants of New Zealand would not have been able to dodge this eagle’s onslaught.

Haast's Eagle

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This bird is part of the Harpagornis genus, which has existed for over a century. Most people call it Harpagornis. A 2005 study by Lerner and Mindell showed that the Haast’s Eagle was closely related to the Little and Booted eagles.

The evolution of Haast’s eagles was a result of island gigantism, a process in which animals isolated from other populations grow larger. When the Maori first came to New Zealand, they didn’t have land animals in the region, and birds developed to fill these ecological niches.

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