West Seattle, Washington

West Seattle: Located just west of Seattle, known for its laid back lifestyle, community activities, restaurants, and excellent shopping. The neighborhood is home to some of the best views of the city. Although, The Olympic Mountains, Cascade Range, and Puget Sound are all visible from the area. Many people enjoy visiting here because of the small town feel and easy access to shopping and schools.


West Seattle, Washington

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West Seattle was first platted in 1885. The West Seattle Land and Improvement Company, a real estate development firm whose financing came from San Francisco, purchased it. The company then invested in the development of the area, including the construction of roads, a water system, and other amenities. The first Euro-American settlers arrived on Alki Point in 1851. Within a few months, the settlers were gone. The area became public and eventually became a resort and tourist area.


West Seattle, Washington

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Schmitz Park: West Seattle

Schmitz Park is home to a variety of plants and animals, including birds, snakes, and frogs. It is also home to a number of large old growth trees that tower more than 200 feet. The park is also home to a number of ferns. You should print out a map of the park to find your way around.


Schmitz Park

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It is home to many fine schools. It is also home to a variety of parks. Schmitz Park, a 50-acre inland forest park, is one of the area’s most popular parks. The park is a living reminder of the early days of West Seattle. The park has 1.7 miles of foot trails. Also has a gift shop featuring native crafts.

Home to a number of residential neighborhoods

With a beach town flavour, Ballard use to describe the area. The community is home to a number of residential neighborhoods, including Arbor Heights, Fauntleroy, and Gatewood. The area also boasts several green parks. Throughout the year, its Farmer’s Market is open on Sundays from 10 to 2. The market features local products, including organic produce. There is also a large selection of high-quality pizza available.


Alki beach park

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It also features a number of micro-neighborhoods. Although the area is a walkable neighborhood, with many shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Furthermore, the area has seven distinct business districts, including Alki, Arbor Heights, Gatewood, Highland Park, Morgan Street.


Alki beach

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West Seattle Junction

The neighborhood is also home to West Seattle Junction, a commercial district located on the junction of California Avenue SW and S.W. Alaska Street. Some locals also refer to the area as Alaska Junction. Moreover, the area is home to a number of small businesses, including Wheel Fun Rentals, a bike rental shop. Also home to a number of charter boats, which are available for chartering on Puget Sound.

Home to the Alki Point Lighthouse: West Seattle


Alki Point Lighthouse

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The area is also home to the Alki Point Lighthouse, a navigational aid. Hence, the lighthouse is one of eight in the area open for tours. Although two vista points that can be seen across Elliott Bay are marked by totem poles constructed by Northwest Indians.

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