Delamere House

Height: 223m (731 feet)

Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Malawi: The Delamere House is one of the largest and tallest buildings in Malawi. It was built in 1928 by Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the country’s first President. The building stands over a dozen stories high, and has a spectacular view of the city.


Delamere House: Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Malawi

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Another tall building in Malawi is the Carlton Centre, a 223m (731 feet) skyscraper in the city centre of Lilongwe. The tower is a major shopping centre. The building was designed by US architectural firms. The design is similar to the iconic Seneca One tower in New York City.

Kang’ombe: Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Malawi

5 Star Hotel

The ICON Realty Company is a development firm that owns prime office buildings, retail property, and landmark shopping malls throughout Malawi. Its properties are located in the major economic hubs of the country, and include the tallest building in Malawi, Kang’ombe House.


Kang'ombe - Malawi

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Although, The company was founded in June 2018 and began operating on November 1, 2018. So it acquired shareholdings in several direct properties and property companies. In November, ICON announced plans to list its shares on the Malawi Stock Exchange. Finally, it was listed successfully in December 2018.

The twin towers Malawi

Each building will have 20 floors


The twin towers Malawi

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The twin towers will be the tallest buildings in Malawi. Moreover, The Minister of Lands and Housing, Sam Kawale, has a vision to make these buildings the tallest buildings in Africa. He was also accompanied by his Principal Secretary, Reyneck Matemba, and Director of Housing, Mr. Chiundira. During his visit, the Minister also met the Minister of Finance and Transport, Sosten Ngwengwe, and Colle Zamba from the Presidential Delivery Unit.

Capital Hill Twin Towers: Top 5 Tallest Buildings in Malawi

If the Capital Hill Twin Towers are built as planned, they will be the tallest buildings in Malawi. When completed, each tower will be 20 stories. Hence, the government is hoping that the towers will reduce the cost of renting office space. Moreover, all government ministries and divisions beyond the Capital Hill region anticipate to have their headquarters in these structures.

Furthermore, in 2022, the new skyscraper is expected to be finished. Moreover, the building will have an area of 102,800 square meters. So, the second tallest building in Africa, has six security systems and natural lighting throughout. It is a mixed-use development that will house many offices and residential apartments.

Bingu International Conference Centre


Bingu International Conference Centre

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One of the tallest buildings in Malawi is the Bingu International Conference Centre, situated in Lilongwe, about 23km from the Kamuzu International Airport, includes a 130-room President Hotel, hence the only five-star hotel in the country, although named after former Malawian President Bingu Wa Mutharika, whose dream was to see Malawi become a leading host of international conferences.

Lastly, this building is the latest in a series of high-profile projects in the country. Peermont Global, the company behind the Bingu International Conference Centre, also signed a deal with the Malawi Government to develop the facility. In addition, The company’s chief executive, Mr. Sirleaf, said the agreement consolidates the existing ties of economic development between the two countries.


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