The Great Smoky Mountains

Tallest Mountain in the Smokies: The Great Smoky Mountains are accessible by major highways, and you can reach them from Atlanta, Asheville, and Knoxville. The area is also home to several small towns. You can find accommodations from resort lodges to primitive camping. The park is also a great place to experience white rafting.


The Great Smoky Mountains, Tallest Mountain in the Smokies

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There are hundreds of streams in the Smokies. For a fun activity, consider hiking to the base of Rainbow Falls, the tallest single drop waterfall in the Smokies. You can view the falls from a wooden viewing platform. On a sunny day, the falls really live up to their name.


The Tallest Mountain in the Smokies

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in the Appalachian Mountains and offers spectacular scenery year-round. The park offers several hiking trails, a visitor center, and dozens of other outdoor activities. While the park is crowded in the spring, it tends to get less crowded in the fall and winter.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park: Tallest Mountain in the Smokies


Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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Clingman’s Dome

Located on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, Clingman’s Dome is the tallest mountain in the Smokies. It’s 6,643 feet in elevation, with an observation tower on the peak that provides views of the Smokies, along with 360 degree views from a spiral ramp. It’s also the tallest peak on the Appalachian Trail, which stretches 2,175 miles from Maine to Georgia. This trail is a favorite for mountain climbers, with 4 million people hiking some part of the trail each year.


Clingman's Dome is the tallest mountain in the Smokies

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Alum Cave Trail

Moreover, the Smokies offer numerous hiking trails. Hence one of the most popular is the Alum Cave Trail. Although this hike is easy to access and offers beautiful views. After hiking a half mile to the trailhead, you’ll start on a paved path to a wooden observation platform. From here, you can see high falls, waterfalls, and smooth rocks.


Alum Cave Trail

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Mount Cammerer hike: Tallest Mountain in the Smokies

For a more challenging hike, consider the Mount Cammerer hike. The summit of Mount Cammerer is steep, but the views are breathtaking. Mount Cammerer is a great place to see the fall foliage. It takes about six hours to complete the round trip, and the views are spectacular.


Mount Cammerer hike

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Furthermore, if you’re looking for a shorter hike, consider the Natural Bridge. This 78 foot tall natural bridge sits in a beautiful natural area. There is a short trail that leads to the base of the falls. It’s a great place to enjoy the views and stretch your legs.

Ramsey Cascades Trail

Another popular hike is the Ramsey Cascades Trail. This hike is 12.9 kilometres long and provides lush greenery, babbling brooks, and a stunning waterfall. The trail is rocky at times, and many hikers have been injured climbing rocks near the cascades.


Ramsey Cascades Trail, Tallest Mountain in the Smokies

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The Rockefeller family played an important role in the creation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is evident at Newfound Gap, where a Rockefeller family memorial sits along a mountain pass that crosses the North Carolina/Tennessee border. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave a speech on the balcony of this memorial. It’s a great place to stop and take a break, and it’s also home to a fishing pond.


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