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The Tallest Building in Costa Rica

The Bicsa Financial Center

Height: 267 metres

The Tallest Building in Costa Rica: The Bicsa Financial Center, originally known as Ice Tower and Star Bay Tower, is a 66-story skyscraper in Panama City. Standing at 267 m, it is the third-tallest building in Panama City and the fourth-tallest in Latin America.


The Bicsa Financial Center - The Tallest Building in Costa Rica

Image source – Google | Image by – flickr

Ice Tower: The Tallest Building in Costa Rica

In addition a supertall skyscraper known as Ice Tower planned for Panama City abandon in 2007. Although the building’s height was increased from the original idea of 80 stories to 381 metres (1,250 feet), with 104 floors total.

Hence excavations for creating the building’s foundation got under way in March 2007. Three months later, in June 2007, the project was, however, shelved. Ice is the third extremely tall skyscraper project in Panama City to be abandon, following the Torre Generali (cancelled in 2001) and the Palacio de la Baha.

The design of this building takes inspiration from the massive tropical trees. The base of the tower spreads towards the ground, representing the roots of trees. At the same time, the crown of the building looks like it is open to the sky, reminiscent of the branches of a tree. A series of straight lines join at equal points on four curved columns to form this distinctive shape using a straightforward geometric principle.

The construction of the tallest building in Costa Rica will begin soon. The 150-meter tower will dwarf the ICE building and will be a mixed-use building. The new building is expected to be finished by September 2019. H. Solis, a local construction business, is carrying out the project.

Lastly, the building will feature four towers and will have an amphitheater at the base. Hence other features will include an outdoor waterfall, a pool, a bar, a children’s playground, and an office center. 600 direct jobs and an additional 100 indirect jobs are anticipated to be generated by the project.


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