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Tag: The Tallest Building in Colombia

The Tallest Building in Colombia

The Colpatria Tower: The Tallest Building in Colombia

Height: 196 metres (643 ft)

The Tallest Building in Colombia: The Colpatria Tower, Colombia’s tallest building, rises 196 meters above sea level and is a unique place to witness Bogota’s skyline. It is open to visitors on weekends and public holidays, and you can also enjoy the view from the top floor cafe. Construction on the Colpatria Tower halted due to structural issues, despite its intention to surpass a 206-meter condominium tower being erect.


The Colpatria Tower: The Tallest Building in Colombia

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As of January 2017, the BD Bacata was the tallest building in Colombia, with a total height of 709 feet (217 m). Its two towers, one 56 floors and one 67-floor tower, will take the top spot from the Colpatria tower, which has held that position since 1979. The BD Bacata’s construction cost 750 billion Colombian pesos.

In addition, the building’s first three floors will house a shopping centre, and there will be seven levels of subterranean parking for visitors and staff. Offices and apartments will be separated on the north tower’s 56 storeys. A sewing needle serves as the design inspiration for the structure. The curved, slender structure makes the building seem like an elegant needle.

Construction of the Colpatria Tower began in 1978. The project fell under the purview of Pizano, Pradilla, Caro y Restrepo Ltda’s construction crew. The building was built on an area of expansive clays, which change volume when they are wet. The excavation of the site was 50 meters deep, and 24 caissons were installed to support the tower.

Architecture: The Tallest Building in Colombia

Lastly, The base of the tower is a square at the junction of two important avenues in Bogota. However, vertical glass bars and concrete pilasters make up the exterior of the building, which rises to its roof. Offices benefit from the feature’s ventilation and natural lighting.

In order to contrast with the height of the main tower, the Torre Colpatria complex incorporates a second ten-story edifice. Parking facilities and numerous public and commercial banking locations are available.

On the 49th floor of the tower, there is an observation deck that is open to guests on weekends and holidays. The Torre Colpatria is one of the most significant observatories in the city because of its height and prominent placement in Bogota.


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