Azerbaijan Tower

The Tallest Building in Azerbaijan: The world’s tallest building competition is heating up with a new contender – Azerbaijan’s Azerbaijan Tower. Located near the city of Baku, this tower is projected to be three thousand and forty five feet high with 189 stories. When completed, the tower will surpass the Burj Khalifa’s height of 2,722 feet.


Azerbaijan Tower: The Tallest Building in Azerbaijan

Image source – Google | Image by – Alison Furuto


Azerbaijan’s Azerbaijan Tower will be the tallest building in the world when it’s complete. Additionally, it is the highest structure in Europe. Although the structure will be finished in 2012 and have a base of 79 levels. The Azerbaijan Tower’s development starts in 2008, and it will be finished in 2012.

The construction of the tower will cost an estimated $2 billion. Hence Azerbaijan is currently receiving energy money from Iran, and it wants to put the money to good use. Azerbaijan hopes to avoid the fate of Dubai’s Burj Dubai.

SOCAR Tower: The Tallest Building in Azerbaijan

The highest structure in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus is the SOCAR Tower in Baku. The skyscraper houses the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s administrative offices (SOCAR). On Heydar Aliyev Avenue, which runs from Baku’s main airport to the city center and is visible on the way there, is where you’ll find the SOCAR Tower. Diler Inshaat CJC contributed some of the materials utilized in the construction of this spectacular structure. The building in the capital is notable for its contemporary construction style and unique attractiveness, and it complies with the most recent international requirements.


SOCAR Tower: The Tallest Building in Azerbaijan

Image source – Google | Image by – tripadvisor


It serves as the headquarters for the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. It’s located on Heydar Aliyev Avenue, a major highway leading from the airport to downtown Baku. It’s visible from a distance and is a beautiful example of modern architecture.


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