Cyclura cornuta: Tallest Dragon Lizard

Tallest Dragon Lizard: The rhinoceros iguana is a species of iguana that is native to the Caribbean islands. It gets its generic name from the Ancient Greek cyclos, and its particular name from the Latin adjective cornutus, which means “horn-like.” Its name derives from the horn-like projection on the male snout. Pierre Joseph Bonnaterre first identified the rhinoceros iguana in 1789.


Cyclura cornuta: Tallest Green Dragon Lizard
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Telfair’s skink: Tallest Dragon Lizard

The Telfair’s skink is thirty to forty centimeters in length and is a stocky reptile. Its brownish grey coat has mottled spots. It eats insects and tiny lizards and has a forked tail. It bears the name of Charles Edward Telfair, a botanist and a founding member of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius. Although it is classified as an endangered species, its population has grown dramatically since Gerald Durrell discovered it on Round Island.

Black-throated monitor


Black-throated monitor Tallest Dragon Lizard
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The Black-throated monitor is the tallest Green dragon lizard, with an average length of 3.5 feet. Its large forked tongue (which is pink or blue) enables it to sniff out scents and prey. These lizards have huge legs and are able to move quickly. When addressed, they are known to show symptoms of annoyance or delight. Unlike their more dangerous adult cousins, black-throated monitors are safer to handle and socialize with when they are young.

Perentie lizard


Perentie lizard
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Perentie lizards are native to Australia and are the tallest green dragon lizard in the world. They stay in semi-arid environments, such as semi-arid savannas, and are frequently discovered in caves. These lizards have powerful front limbs, which allow them to burrow and defend themselves from predators. These creatures can live up to 40 years in the wild and hibernate during the cold months.

Komodo dragon


Komodo dragon
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Komodo dragons begin their lives in a grapefruit-sized egg. A female dragon lays up to fifteen eggs, guarding them with its sharp claws for several months. When they hatch, the young dragons scramble out of the nest and climb up a tree. They must do so in order to escape being devoured by the adult dragons. If the hatchlings survive the first year, they will reach adulthood in eight to nine years.

Nile monitor


Nile monitor
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Varanus niloticus, popularly known as the Nile monitor, is a huge African lizard with a long tail and a strong body. These animals can be found all over Africa, but they prefer damp areas near bodies of water. They have been brought to Florida and are known to prey on abandoned crocodile eggs.

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