World’s Tallest Dog: the tallest dog in the world, is a two-year-old grey and brown Great Dane. He stands at three feet, five inches tall. When standing on his hind legs, Zeus measures seven feet, four inches tall.


Zeus is the tallest dog in the world
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Zeus is the largest pup in a litter of five

Zeus is an American Great Dane. He stands 3 feet, 5.18 inches tall and is the largest pup in his litter of five puppies. He was born to a brindle dam and a merle sire. Brittany’s brother gave him to her when he was eight weeks old. Brittany said Zeus is afraid of rain but enjoys eating things left on counters.

Zeus has the largest head

Zeus, the tallest dog in the world, is the pride of the Doorlag family in Michigan.

The breed of Great Danes is quite apprehend for its bravery, generosity, and trustworthiness too.

Zeus enjoys walks with his human brother and also loves sleeping next to the window.

Dogue de Bordeaux


Dogue de Bordeaux is the world's tallest dog
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The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the tallest dogs in the world. This breed is a descendant of the French Mastiff. Hence it stands between twenty and thirty-seven inches tall and weighs between ninety and one hundred and forty pounds. The breed was once used to guard the estates of French aristocrats, but they disappeared from history after the 1700s.

Irish wolfhound is the world’s tallest dog


Irish wolfhound
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The Irish wolfhound is the tallest dog in the world, standing at nearly 32 inches at the shoulder. This dog is also the world’s largest sighthound. This dog loves people and other animals and is incredibly loyal. However, because it requires space to operate, apartment living is not advised.

Great Dane is the largest breed of dog


Great Dane-tallest dog
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On average, Great Danes stand around 28-30 inches tall. The Great Dane is a giant breed of dog with roots in Germany. This dog is not related to the Danish mastiff, but it derives from German mastiffs.

These puppies had been at the beginning bred through German the Aristocracy to defend country estates.

By the 18th century, they were popular with the upper class as pets and for sporting activities.

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