FOCSA Building

Height: 623 meters

Tallest Buildings in Cuba: The FOCSA Building in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana, Cuba is the tallest building in the country. Standing a height of 623 meters, it is the largest residential and commercial building in Cuba. It has a number of unique features, including an observation deck, a rooftop bar, and elevators that go up 107 stories.


FOCSA Building in the Vedado - Tallest Buildings in Cuba

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Edificio FOCSA: Tallest Buildings in Cuba

The Edificio FOCSA, also known as the Havana Tower, is the tallest building in Cuba, built in 1954. When it was completed, it was the second tallest building in the world, only behind the Martinelli Building in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2010, it restored and is now home to a restaurant at the top. The building is an architectural landmark and a symbol of Cuban culture.

The Edificio FOCSA Building is a 35-story residential and commercial block in the Vedado district of Havana. Its height of 121 meters (402.7m) makes it the second tallest building in Havana, after the Jose Marti Memorial. Built before Castro came to power and is home to 370 apartments. The building also includes shops and a nightclub.

La Torre bar: Tallest Buildings in Cuba

La Torre is the tallest bar and restaurant in Cuba. Located on the 33rd floor of the iconic FOCSA building, it has an amazing view of Havana and is also a great place to meet with friends. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. At the time, it was a meeting place for Havana’s elite.

The building is located in Vedado, Havana. It stands 121 meters tall and contains 39 floors, completed in 1956, a landmark and a symbol of modernism in Cuba. It was also the beginning of a trend for tall buildings in Havana.

Hotel Grand Aston La Habana

The Grand Aston La Habana is a four-star hotel with an eclectic dining and spa experience. Its rooftop lounge, Havana 92, boasts spectacular views of the city, while its Ubud Spa offers Bali-style treatments. The hotel also has an infinity pool and several event spaces.

The hotel is part of the Gaesa conglomerate, commanded by Raul Castro’s former son-in-law. It is part of an ambitious plan to open a total of 100,000 hotel rooms in Cuba by 2030. The project was first announced four years ago, but remained shrouded in mystery because many questioned the feasibility of developing a five-star hotel in Cuba.

Lopez Serrano

The Tallest Building in Cuba is the Lopez Serrano building. It is a beautiful art deco tower that resembles the Empire State Building, but with fewer floors. It was the first skyscraper built in Cuba. The building is now an apartment complex, and has many similarities to the New York skyscrapers.

It was designed by Ricardo Mira in 1929. He also designed the La Moderna Poesia bookstore on Obispo Street. The Lopez Serrano Building remained the tallest residential building in Cuba until 1956. The building was home to Eduardo Chibas, a political activist, and presidential candidate who committed suicide on the radio station CMQ in 1951. His grandpa Jose Antonio Lopez Serrano, who was Ana Luisa Serrano’s grandson, was honoured by having the structure bear his name.


One of Cuba’s seven engineering marvels, Focsa, is regarded as such. Hence one of the biggest reinforced concrete buildings ever built, it. It took almost 28 months to complete and marked the beginning of the tall building era in Havana. Although the building has 28 floors and is the second tallest concrete building in the world. It also features shops, beauty parlors, a swimming pool, and other facilities.

During the 1960s, the building opened as the second tallest building in the world. It was a triumph of construction and technology, and ushered in the building boom that has since characterized the Cuban capital. Today, the Focsa building still attracts visitors, mainly because of the observatory and restaurant located on the 33rd floor. From the top, visitors can enjoy a stunning city-to-sea view of Havana.


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