This is the tallest building in Denmark. The tower is 120 metres tall and has 25 floors. It was designed by a Danish architect named Dorte Mandrup. The tower will house the head office of the Bestseller company and be visible from up to 60 km away. The project will be a major investment for the rural town of Brande, where the construction is taking place.


Tallest Building in Denmark

Tallest Building in Denmark

Danish architect Dorte Mandrup designed the tower

Aarhus, Denmark is getting a new landmark – a tower. Danish architect Dorte Mandrup has won the competition and has based the design on origami. The tower’s folded geometry and peek holes evoke a seaside atmosphere, and it will serve as a landmark for the historic trading port.

The tower is a mix of public and private uses. The top five stories will house youth housing, and the structure’s innovative bay windows will bring more light into the apartments. The tower is also home to three terraces that break up the cylinder shape. Three of the terraces will serve as communal areas, while the bottom three floors will house the Jaegersborg After-School Club.

It would house the head offices of Bestseller: Tallest Building in Denmark

The tallest building in Denmark would house the head offices for bestseller, a Danish company founded in 1975. The company’s headquarters would be the tallest building in the country, with a 1,049-foot height. It would also feature a hotel, school, and 30 shops, including Bestseller’s own brands. The city council recently approved the project. The new tower would also have public spaces and be a landmark in the area.

The proposed tower is controversial, but the company’s owner is not opposed to it. The company is a family business, and the current CEO is the son of the founder. The company has commissioned architects Dorte Mandrup and Ramboll to design the building. The building will operate more like a small city than a traditional office building, with residential units and shops scattered throughout. It will also include a hotel and conference center.

It would be visible from 60km away: Tallest Building in Denmark

The tallest building in Denmark would stand at 320 meters. When it is completed, it will be visible from 60 km away. The construction of this tower has been criticized by some local residents. In the past, there have been few objections to the construction of skyscrapers, but in recent years, people have become more critical of tall buildings. They are concerned about how they will affect the surroundings.

Even though the Brande city council has given the go-ahead for the tower’s construction, several locals are concerned that it would ruin the area’s aesthetic appeal. In fact, some have compared it to the Tower of Sauron in Lord of the Rings.

Built in rural town of Brande:

If approved, the Tallest Building in Denmark would be located in rural Brande, just 273 kilometers from Copenhagen. The proposed building would contain 30 retail stores, offices, a hotel, and a school. It would stand over a mile in height, making it the tallest building in Denmark. The project has received some mixed reactions. While there was initial reluctance to build the skyscraper in the town, local council members have now voted in favor of moving forward with the development.

Proponents of the tower say it will help the local community. They say that the tower will help put Brande on the map and could attract tourists to the town in the future. They say the tower will also be a unique architectural icon for Bestseller. In addition to office space, the tower will feature a hotel for the Brande community, green retail shops, and educational facilities. The building would also create new jobs for the local people and increase the town’s economic development.


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