The Itowers CBD complex

Standing at 19 and 28 stories above the ground

Tallest Building in Botswana: The Itowers CBD complex in Gaborone consists of three buildings, including The Tallest Building in Botswana. These buildings are both commercial and residential and are a prominent landmark in the city. The buildings offer office and retail space, and are ideal for tourists and diplomats.


The Itowers CBD complex

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The iTowers Development Scheme was designed with the idea of a vertical city. It is a more than P 500 million private development project initiative in the new CBD that consists of Twin Towers and a linking Hub structure. Overseas Development Enterprises and Tredinnick Botswana built it. The project includes fit-out work for offices, apartments, the Room-50-Two Hotel, and the Table-50-Two roof-top restaurant. This work is managed under the main construction contract or under separate fit-out contracts and has a total cost of over P70 million. The twin towers of this private development, Botswana’s tallest structures at 18 and 27 stories, which change the picturesque landscape of Gaborone.

The iTowers South building is one of Africa’s tallest structures, standing 234m (768ft). It is located within the city’s vibrant CBD, just 20 minutes from the airport. The building has an impressive design and has many amenities for guests. It also offers a well-equipped fitness centre and an excellent restaurant. The rooms at the iTowers South building are comfortable and stylish, and the views from the upper floors are breathtaking.

By December 2012, the i-Towers should be Gaborone’s tallest structure. Charles Sheldon and his developers are building the 21-story skyscraper known as The i-Towers. The Square Mart, the currently highest building in the Gaborone CBD, is expected to be doubled in height by the proposed i-Towers.

The Attorney General’s Chambers: Tallest Building in Botswana

Height: 176.77 ft (53.88 m)

The tallest building in Botswana is The Attorney General’s Chambers building, which is also one of the most expensive structures in Africa. The structure is located in Gaborone’s Government Enclave on Nelson Mandela Drive. The Attorney General’s Chambers is home to the Botswana Department of Taxes, but it also contains offices for three other departments. The building features glass windows, which can lead to high energy costs in the hot climate.


The tallest building in Botswana is The Attorney General's Chambers building

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