Earth is about 4 to 5 billion years old

How Old Is the Earth? Several methods are in use to determine the age of the Earth, including radioactive dating and geologic cycles. However, there are a number of drawbacks to these approaches.


Earth is about 4 to 5 billion years old

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According to most estimates, the Earth is four to five billion years old. However, the age of the Solar System is a much longer time ago.

The best evidence for the age comes from its stratigraphic record. This includes the fossilized remains of organisms that inhabited the planet before the advent of radioactive dating. Scientists have studied each rock unit and compiled its stratigraphic record into a generalized geologic time scale.

Oldest Rock on Earth, How Old Is the Earth?

The oldest rocks are around four billion years old. However, scientists have dated older rock units as well. The Acasta Gneiss rocks in northern Canada estimates to be 4.04 billion years old. This number is actually a tad larger than the number of years mentioned in Genesis.


Acasta Gneiss rock, How Old Is the Earth?

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Furthermore, the age of the Earth is a contested topic. Some Christians believe that the planet existed before the creation week. Others, however, believe that the Earth was created on the first day of Genesis, according to the Bible. These Christians also argue that the age is not a matter of concern. Although, some claim that the Bible is a reliable source of information on the topic.

Despite the controversy surrounding the age, scientists have used several techniques to determine the age of the planet.

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