Tallest Structures in Sri Lanka: If you have interest in the tallest structures in Sri Lanka, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find information on the Lotus Tower, the Altair building, Empire Tower 2, and Ceylinco House. While each of these buildings is unique, all have impressive heights.

Colombo Lotus Tower

Height: 350 m (1,148.3 ft)


Colombo Lotus Tower 

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The Lotus Tower is one of the tallest structures located in Sri Lanka. Although, it is a 17-story building that consists of a television tower, an observatory deck, a telecommunication museum, and several restaurants. Moreover at its peak, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Colombo. The building is also home to eight elevators and a series of stairs. Hence, TV, FM, and communication antennas are housed in the Mast, or top section of the tower, which is divided into four sections.

A business run by retired major general Prasad Samarasinghe is building the Lotus Tower. Originally, it was located in a suburb of Colombo, but the Sri Lankan government moved it to the city’s heart. Hence, the company aims to build the building with a budget of $113 million.

Altair building

Height: 240 m, 787 ft


Altair', the iconic building in Colombo

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Located in Colombo, the Altair building has more than 1.5 million square feet of residential space, public space, and retail space. The building features a unique stepping design of one tower block leaning on a vertical tower, and open plan layouts that allow natural air to flow through all apartments.

In addition, The lotus blossom, a representation of purity and advancement in Sri Lankan culture, served as the model for the tower. Although the base of the tower is designed like a lotus throne, so it is planned to alternate between pink and light yellow for the tower’s external hue. Hence, a seamless transition between the two colours is provided by the glass coverings.

Empire Tower: Tallest Structures in Sri Lanka

Height: 131 m (430 ft)


Empire Tower: Tallest Structures in Sri Lanka

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The Empire Tower is one of the tallest structures in Sri Lank. The building measures 152 meters or 499 feet. Hence, Its design resembles that of the World Trade Center’s twin towers. Moreover, its height is a matter of controversy since there are many claims that it is too tall. However, the Empire Tower, which was finished in 2009, is now Sri Lanka’s second-tallest structure. The third tallest building in the country is the Gs tower, which is 36 stories high. Currently, it is utilised for both residential and commercial purposes.

In addition, the World Capital Centre, a business with a sizable global footprint, is developing the project. Although, the real estate, finance, security, and hospitality industries are just a few of the sectors in which this group is active. Moreover, the World Capital Centre is planning to build the tallest building in Asia. So, if everything goes according to plan, it will surpass all of Sri Lanka’s current tall buildings and rank as the ninth-tallest structure in the entire world.

Ceylinco House: Tallest Structures in Sri Lanka

176 super-luxury apartments, a 248-room hotel


Ceylinco House: Tallest Structures in Sri Lanka

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Ceylinco House, one of the tallest structures in Sri Lanka, will be built in Galle Road, Colombo 3. So this development will have 176 super-luxury apartments, a 248-room hotel, and the largest ballroom in Sri Lanka. It should be finished by December 2008.

The development company behind Ceylinco House has been in the commercial property development business since 1939. However, the company is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka’s commercial property development sector. Its first high-rise, Ceylinco House, represented the country’s climb from its colonial past. It was also the first high-rise in Colombo and dominated the skyline for nearly two decades during the 1960s and 1980s.


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