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Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications – Tallest Building in Afghanistan

Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications

Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications – Tallest Building in Afghanistan: If you’re wondering what the tallest building in Afghanistan is, you’re not alone. Afghanistan is home to some incredible structures and skyscrapers. The tallest buildings in Afghanistan that are now standing as well as those that have just been finished are included in this list. In addition to the tallest buildings in Afghanistan, there are also many tall buildings under construction in the country.


The tallest building in Afghanistan is in Kabul. This massive structure is home to the country’s capital and some of its most important government buildings. There are also plenty of earthquakes that happen in Afghanistan due to its large fault line. These tremors can be between 2.0 and 4.0 on the Richter scale.

Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications: Tallest Building in Afghanistan

Height: 75 metres (246 ft)


Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications: Tallest Building in Afghanistan

Image source – Google | Image by – wikiwand

However, In Kabul, the tallest building is the Kabul Ministry of Telecommunications, which is eighteen stories high. Moreover, the Taliban era’s criminals were hurled off the roof. Motorcycles are swarming the city’s streets. On one side, vendors push carts full of fresh produce. Kebabs are grilled on braziers on the opposite side. Then, showmen who control traffic fill the street.

Kajaki Dam

Kajaki Dam

Image source – Google | Image by – wikipedia


In addition, One of the two main hydroelectric power dams in the southern Afghan province of Helmand is the Kajaki Dam. Although, the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority runs the Helmand River-based dam, which is located 100 miles (161 km) northwest. It serves two purposes: it generates energy and irrigates about 650,000 acres (1800 km2) of otherwise dry land. Water releasing from the dam travels across irrigation canals supplying farmland for about 300 miles (500 km). It can generate up to 151 megawatts (MW) of power as of July 2022.


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