Tallest Invader

The Tallest Invader Zim: Zim is the new ruler of Irk. Indoctrinated into the Tallest and vows to get his revenge against the people of Irk. He swears to do this under the oath of the Blue Ruler. He is paranoid and determined to get rid of the invading zim.


invader zim the tallest
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The height of Irken chiefs determines their position.

The height of Irkens is one of the most important aspects of their society. As a result, the tallest Irkens have the most power. Taller Irkens also tend to be wiser and more experienced than the shorter Irkens. Despite being a very important aspect of the society, the height of Irkens is not the only factor in determining Irken leadership.

They are paranoid

The tallest invader is paranoid. During the events of Issue 18, the Tallest cut off Zim’s transmission and blocked calls from half the galaxy. Fortunately, Zim manages to escape. Despite the paranoia, Zim does not die.

They are adamant about getting rid of the  invading zim: The Tallest Invader Zim

The Tallest Invader Zim: Invader ZIM is an alien from planet Irk. His past mistakes caused him to be banished from the Irken Empire. To get rid of him, the Irkens send him on a prank mission to Earth. The Irkens use his junk robot to lure him to Earth, where he manages to devastate the planet.

They have new and improved thumbs

The first season of Invader Zim is the first to feature the Tallests. The show’s creator, Jhonen Vasquez, redesigned the Tallests, making their torsos thinner and introducing a number of major changes. While there have been rumors that the Tallests’ bodies are robotic, they are not. The crew of Invader Zim has made it clear that the Tallests have their thumbs hacked off.

They are more eloquent than Red

While Red and Purple are commonly referred to as the “Tallests,” the preceding Tallests were actually referred to as such. This has led some fans and voice actors to refer to them by their actual names. A teenage Irken smeet named “Timmy” uses the name “Purple” as well, publicly referring to Purple as such in the script for the episode “The Trial.” The name is revealed in the first issue of the comic series.

They are more capable of tricking zim: The Tallest Invader Zim

The Tallest are antagonists to Zim, but they are not directly antagonistic. In the first season, they aren’t actively trying to kill Zim, but they do occasionally entertain his requests. One example of this is when Zim hijacks the Massive, leaving the Tallest vulnerable to hostile forces. It is unknown how tall they are, however they would be a tad taller if they had thumbs.

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