Cook Perfect Rice

How to Cook Perfect Rice: Whether you are cooking rice on the stove or in a rice cooker, there are a few guidelines that will ensure that you get a good batch. Using the right cookware and the right amounts of liquid are important


Rinse the rice: How to Cook Perfect Rice

The first step in cooking rice is to rinse the rice. Rinsing removes any excess starch that may be on the rice. Hence, this will improve the texture of the rice and remove debris on the grain.

Rinse the rice: How to Cook Perfect Rice

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Stir the rice: How to Cook Perfect Rice

The second step is to stir the rice. This will activate the starch and remove any dusty starches on the rice. This is an important step because it helps to keep the rice from sticking together. The rice should be stirred briefly. This step may seem silly, but it will prevent a messy sticky mess.

Cover the rice with a lid

The next step is to cover the rice with a lid. Hence, this will help to keep steam from escaping and help the rice to cook evenly.

It is also important to make sure that the pot is the right size. This is because large pots tend to evaporate the liquid more quickly. Although, the right size pot will ensure that the water heats evenly and prevents any burns.

Fluff the rice

Finally, the final step is to fluff the rice. This will help to separate the rice grains and make the finished dish tastier. This step is especially important for a more delicate type of rice.

Using the correct cooking utensils is also important.

In addition, a good saucepan should have a heavy lid and a thick base.

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