The African Elephant

The trunk is one of the most diverse and useful organs in an animal. It is part of the order Proboscides. The top lip and a nose with nostrils at the tip combine to form the adult male elephant’s trunk. The trunk weighs equally 250 kilograms so it is extremely dexterous and mobile. It has 16 muscles, including the ones that raise and lower the trunk. The trunk is so long, though it can actually rip a branch off a tree.


tallest elephant in the world
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Sounds of music: Tallest Elephant

The tallest elephant makes many different sounds. Humans cannot hear some of these sounds, as their frequency is too low for our ears. Elephants use these sounds to communicate with each other over long distances. Have you ever had your stomach growl at an unfortunate moment? Well, stomach growls are a welcome sound in elephant society; a stomach that makes loud rumbling and growling noises seems to signal to others that everything is “okay.”

African elephant: Tallest Elephant


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The African elephant is the tallest elephant in the world. The tallest known elephant lived in Angola. Satao was the name of the tallest female. She stood about three feet high, suckled milk from her mother, but did not have a long trunk. She had to eat milk for the first year of her life. Herd mates kept watch over her calves.

On November 13, 1955, a team led by Russian ethologist Pavel Fenykovi in Angola, Africa, managed to capture the largest elephant ever seen. Fenykovi, who had three assistants with him, had written the account of the capture. The essay also details the hunting techniques and equipment used, including how the elephants were killed. The item was subsequently given to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History by him.

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