Elsa is the tallest Disney Princess

Who is the Tallest Disney Princess? Aurora was the tallest Disney Princess before Elsa (aurora is 5’6) but Elsa takes the cake as tallest princess at 5’7


Tallest Disney Princess
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When you look at Disney characters, you might be surprised to see that some are taller than others. Some of the characters, such as Elsa and Pocahontas, are significantly taller than average, while others have the same height as you. The following list of Disney princesses is based on average heights and the height of objects in their movies.

The original Cinderella was nineteen years old. Three days before her birthday, she weds the prince by her two ruthless stepsisters. Elsa stands at five feet ten inches, while Rapunzel’s hair is 70 feet long. It must have taken some serious arm strength for Rapunzel to pull the tower up. Mickey, on the other hand, is a small figure with a small head and short legs.


In terms of height, Moana is the tallest Disney princess. She’s a little under seven feet tall and is the only one of the four to have a tattoo on her arm. Her voice actor is Dwayne Johnson. Rapunzel, on the other hand, is a little bit shorter than Moana, at five feet one inch. While her hair may have been a bit short, she is still taller than any of her siblings, and her dress is reminiscent of the traditional German dirndl.

Unlike many princesses, Snow White is the youngest. In the first Disney film, Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs, she was fourteen years old. She’s a sweet and optimistic character. The film was so popular that it briefly held the record for the highest grossing sound film. Additionally, the filmmakers that worked on Betty Boop directed this movie.

Despite being the shortest Disney princess, Tiana was the first African-American princess to star in the Disney movies. She was also the first Disney princess with dimples. The alligator Louis is named after jazz musician Louis Armstrong. On Charlotte’s bookshelves sits Merida, another Disney princess with a dimple. And Rapunzel has her own television series, Tangled.

Princess Aurora: Tallest Disney Princess

The third youngest Disney princess is Princess Aurora. She turns sixteen in the film Aladdin. The second youngest is Princess Jasmine, who is fourteen. Ariel is the fourth youngest. But unlike the other two Disney princesses, she’s the only one with a love-interest at the start of her life.

Aurora is the only one of the Disney Princesses who has an unplanned marriage. She also has a brief cameo in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon Mickey’s April Fools.

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