Top 6 Tallest Buildings in Europe: Regardless of where you are in the world, you can rest assured that there are some very tall buildings to be seen, especially in Europe. In fact, you might not even know that there are buildings in Europe that are higher than some of the tallest buildings in the United States.

Varso Tower: Tallest Buildings in Europe

Height: 310 m (1,020 ft)




Located in Warsaw, Poland, Varso Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Central Europe and Europe overall. The building is 310 metres tall, with an 80-metre spire. The tower is part of the Varso complex, a multifunctional investment in Warsaw.

Varso Tower was designed by London-based architecture firm Foster + Partners. It is part of Varso Place, a mixed-use development in the centre of Warsaw. The building will include offices, retail space and a hotel. It will also have a fitness center and medical centre.

The building will also include two observation decks, one at 205 metres and another at 230 metres. The second observation deck will have a restaurant. The tower will also feature a sky garden. Building is covered with four-metre high glass panels, surrounded by a 73-tonne, 80-metre spire.

The building is situated on a 1.72 ha plot. It is located opposite Zlote Tarasy shopping centre. The complex also includes two mid-rise buildings and one tall building. Varso Tower is the cornerstone of the Varso Place development.

The complex also includes 80 motorcycle parking spaces. There are 750 bicycle parking spaces as well. The building has been designed to be energy efficient. It will use state-of-the-art technologies to reduce energy consumption.

The Varso Tower is the first Polish project to receive the highest level of WELL Precertification. It is also the first project in Central Europe to achieve this designation.

Commerzbank Tower

Height: 259 m, 300 m to tip (850 ft)


Commerzbank Tower

Image source – Google | Image by – skylineatlas


Located in the heart of the city of Frankfurt, the Commerzbank Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Germany and one of the top 20 tallest buildings in Europe. It is also one of the most ecological skyscrapers in the world.

The most modern management technology, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient materials are used in its construction. It also has air circulation, natural light and winter gardens. The building features an atrium that reaches to the top of the building. Equipment of building is an advanced air conditioning system designed by Siemens.

The building also features nine glass-walled sky gardens, each one is 15 meters high. These gardens are offset from the building and form a spiral. The building is also equipped with a yellow lighting scheme design by Thomas Ende.

Commerzbank Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and is the second tallest building in the European Union. It is located in the Financial District of Frankfurt. The building has been developed with the help of architectural firm Foster & Partners and structural engineering firm Krebs & Kiefer.

The building has nine low-rise wings, including shops and apartments. There is also an antenna spire on the top of the building. The building also has two public viewing platforms.

The Commerzbank building has offices in the Commerzbank service center with Europe’s largest trading floor. It also has offices in the Gallileo high-rise and in the Neue Borse campus in Frankfurt.

St George Wharf Tower

Height: 181 m, (594 feet)


St George Wharf Tower - tallest building in Europe

Image source – Google | Image by – wikimedia


Located in the South London district of Vauxhall, St George Wharf Tower is an 181-metre (594-ft) tall building. The building is part of a wider St George Wharf development. It will have a wind turbine on top of the residential structure. The building will have semi-outdoor spaces and a business suite.

The building’s interiors are luxurious. It boasts a swimming pool, valet parking service, and treatment rooms. Exotic vegetation surrounds the structure as well. The top floor offers a public viewing deck.

Its previous name was The London Bridge Tower. Because a piece of glass shattered through the center of historic London, it became known as The Shard. Renzo Piano was the architect behind the tower. It has 72 floors and is the tallest building in the EU. The building has a viewing deck that allows visitors to enjoy unobstructed views of London.

The building is commissioned by Brookfield Multiplex. It is currently the tallest building in London, built for PS153 million, described by the Queen as a “wonder of the modern world” when it is completed in 1982.

Its original height projection was close to 200 metres. The building’s height hence lower due to concerns about impeding views, though. Several insurance businesses currently rent space in the building.

A Chinese businessman paid 1.15 billion pounds for the structure. It was the second largest sale in the history of UK building construction.

One Canada Square

Height: 770 feet (235 m)


One Canada Square

Image source – Google | Image by – office-hub


Located in the Canary Wharf district of London, One Canada Square is a landmark of the city. The building incorporates a range of sustainable products and facilities, including low-emissivity coatings and super-insulated windows.

The building design is in a postmodern style. It has a glass and metal louvre pyramid roof that is 30 meters wide and weighs over 100 tonnes. The pyramid roof also serves as a water storage system for the building.

One Canada Square also features an underground retail area. It contains over 200 stores. It also has a transport interchange from the Canary Wharf tube station. One Canada Square is design by Cesar Pelli.

The lobby features a four-piece sculpture by Keith Milow. The sculpture is hence remove in order to make room for the restaurant. The restaurant features Italian Rosso Levanto marble and industrial style furnishings. The restaurant is also energy efficient and uses LED lighting.

The building contains 3,960 windows. There are also warm edge insulating glass spacers and low-emissivity coatings. There are also scratch resistant outer layers.

The building also has a flashing aircraft warning light. This is a rare feature for a UK building. Usage during a test drill in response to the 11 September 2001 attacks.

One Canada Square featured in several films. It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It also appeared in a Grant Morrison comic series, The Invisibles.

20 Fenchurch Street

Height: 160 m (525 ft)



Image source – Google | Image by – kptsolutions


Designed by Uruguayan-born architect Rafael Vinoly, 20 Fenchurch Street has become a controversial new skyscraper in the City of London. The building has received many nicknames. Some people refer to the building as the Walkie-Talkie because of its unique shape.

The Walkie Talkie building originally mean to be 656 feet tall. Later, after concerns about its visual impact on nearby landmarks raises, it shortened to 525 feet.

In order to meet the needs of the building’s occupants, finally there is a change in the Walkie Talkie design. Specifically, the design is round to resemble an old school portable radio transceiver.

Despite the controversy surrounding the design of the building, the Walkie Talkie building finally eventually completed. However, the Great Recession hit and the Walkie Talkie building almost died. Eventually, Canary Wharf Group bought the building and began to modify the design. The Walkie Talkie design hence later modified further to create a more modern and minimalist look.

The Walkie Talkie completed in 2013. It is design by the Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly and is part of the Canary Wharf Group.

The Walkie Talkie design incorporates a curved design and a small base than the top. It also features a pinstriped suit of louvers. The building’s design initially consider a top-heavy design, but later revised to create a more balanced structure. The top of the building will feature a large viewing deck, a restaurant, and two sky gardens. The ground floor has a 28-meter high open public space.

Hotel Via Castellana: Top 6 Tallest Buildings in Europe

Height: 35.58 metre

Located on the main arterial road in the financial district of Madrid, the Hotel Via Castellana is a surprisingly upscale property. A modern, clean interior and low rates make this hotel an appealing choice for business travellers. In addition to its central location, it has an impressive list of amenities, including free Wi-Fi and secure parking. The hotel also boasts nine meeting rooms, a bar-restaurant and a buffet.

The hotel’s name is a play on the abbreviated name of the Spanish word for tower. The hotel features a contemporary glass building with warm modern touches. The hotel offers a number of amenities, including a bar and restaurant serving Basque cuisine. It also has a modern fitness center and spa.

The hotel’s reception area features a reception area with tall wood-grain paneling that echoes the style of the surrounding KIO Towers. The hotel also has a modern, clean dining room with an impressive buffet. Its one-of-a-kind design and interior is a major draw. The hotel also has an impressive number of rooms, including suites with average floor space of 270 square feet.

The hotel also boasts an impressive list of technological features, including free Wi-Fi, secure parking, and an Internet-enabled in-room safe. In addition to these features, it also offers breakfast and lunch options. A broad variety of meal offerings at a reasonable price on the buffet.

The hotel’s smallest room measures a modest 160 square feet. It also has an impressive bathroom, large windows and a stylish business-like look.


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