The tallest cake

The Tallest Cake in the World: The tallest cake in the world is a tall, elongated cake with several layers of alternating heights. Its designers were careful to replicate the scenery and incorporated small figures to create a storybook-like look. The completed cake auctioned off in Milan and cut into 12,000 pieces for guests to eat. Bakers who want to make a tall cake should first ensure that it has the right foundation and balance. The most popular cake in the world is a Christmas tree cake by Nila Sari, an Indonesian baker. It stood 108 feet tall and was supported by a steel frame.


Tallest Cake in the World
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Making Process:

When it came to making the tallest cake in the world, the process was not without difficulties. Hence Jiangxi Bakery Association baked a 33-metre-high, 10.4-metre-long cake in May 2018, requiring the efforts of over 120 people and 145 hours of collective effort. Although Its record-breaking height and diameter made it the perfect height for the Guinness World Record. The cake was also sliced and distributed to various groups, including orphanages and welfare homes.


Lastly, the dimensions of the cake are: height 33 m (108.27 ft), width 9 m (29.53ft) and weight 20 tons (18143.69 kg) the ingredients included: 1750 kg of powdered sugar (3858.09 lbs) 1620 kg of sugar (3571.49 lbs) 1620 kg of margarine (3571.49 lbs) 162 kg of powdered milk (357.15 lbs) 243 kg of powdered chocolate (535.72 lbs) 100 litre of liquid sugar (3.52 fl oz) 3240 kg of eggs (7142.98 lbs)

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